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Motion Control Applications Require Expertise

Successful Motion Control applications require knowledge of Electrical, Mechanical, and Software aspects of the application. DRV’s team is uniquely positioned with years of specific experience in Motion Control.  Unlike many of our competitors, Motion Control is a focus area for our company.  We understand the needs of this unique market for both OEM and End Users and have products lines to address almost any application.  Our services include Sizing, Selection, Programming, Field Service, and Turnkey System Integration.


Motion Controllers

For a look at our selection of Motion Controllers, see below:

Servo and Stepper Drives

For Servo and stepper drives, we use three manufacturers/distributors to create a complete product package based on customer needs.

  • 50 W - 25kW Servo Drive/Motor Solutions

  • Rotary Motors

  • Incremental Encoder, Absolute Encoder, Resolver, EnDat, Hiperface, BiSS

  • EtherCat, Ethernet IP, Profibus, Profinet, Device-Net, CAN-Open Interfaces

  • STO Safety, Extended Safety

For more information, please visit Nidec's product page Here.

STAC5STAC6ST5ST10STR and STMStepper Drives

  • Nema 14, Nema17, Nema23, and Nema34 Step Motors

  • Ethernet, Ethernet IP, CANOPEN Interface

  • Integrated Stepper Motor/Drive/Controller

  • IP65 Stepper Motors

For more information, please visit Applied Motion Products's product page Here.

Precision Linear Motion

Please take a look at our selection of Linear Motion products provided by ROLLON Corp, Accu Tech USA, E Drvive, and Schunk.

Servo Gear Reducers

Please take a look at our selection of Servo Gear Reducers products provided by SHIMPO, Cone Drive, Nabtesco, and Apex Dynamics.


Our Encoders primarily hail from Encoder Products Company (EPC) and TR Electronic.

For mote information on these products, please visit Encoder Products Company's website Here and TR Electronic's website Here.

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