Variable Frequency Drives and Energy Savings

Discover the cost savings
associated with Variable Frequency Drives


Presented by Nidec and Yaskawa

Energy Savings Estimator
Plug in your numbers into the calculator to quickly
see how much you could save annually using VFD.

Fans at 60% of maximum flow* 







Flow control method

Variable Frequency Drive

Inlet Guide Vane

Discharge Damper

Ride the Fan Curve

Bypass Damper

Pumps at 70% of maximum flow* 






Flow control method

Variable Frequency Drive

Discharge Valve

Bypass Damper

No Control

*  The Power Ratio Data is a conservative assumption based on HVAC applications which have shown that fans and pumps operate, on average, at 60% and 70% of maximum flow rate respectively.

** Remember, this result is only an estimate based on averages and assumptions. You should also consider additional savings to be gained from VFD application over and above the electricity rate, such as power factor improvement to.98 and reduced demand charges.

For a more precise calculation using your exact parameters, utilize the Yaskawa Energy Savings Predictor software by visiting the Yaskawa website here.
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Energy Savings Estimator
Download the Energy Savings Estimator for Centrifugal Fans & Pumps presented by Yaskawa to calculate how much you can save.
Energy Savings Estimator.png
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An Overview of Matrix Drive Technology
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Introduction to Energy Saving Control
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Drive Improves Control and Cuts Energy Usage
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Automatic Energy Savings Control.png
Automatic Energy
Saving Control
Discover how Variable Frequency Drives optimize motor efficiency on conveyor applications

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